Digital Business Management Academe


The principal objective of the Academe is to offer high-end professional programmes aimed at developing leadership assets to operate in the global digital environment.


Different ages require different kinds of leadership: the knowledge economy will be led by “Digital Leaders”. While fundamentally disrupting the models of organizations and the structure of workforce, disruptive technologies are increasingly redefining the new wave of Digital leaders. The Digital Age is marked by key structural changes that are reshaping leadership: (1) rapid advance of technological change, (2) global dynamic spread of information; (3) a shift from physical attributes toward knowledge and (4) dispersed forms of organizations.  Impact of digital technologies on business models is evident, that the most popular social media creates no content of its own (Face book); the world’s largest taxi company owns no taxis (Uber); (OLA in India) and the largest accommodation provider owns no real estate (Airbnb) (OYO in India). Digital game changers drive with completely different kind of force.

Leadership in the Digital Age must be driven by an attitude of openness and a genuine hunger for knowledge. They must understand technology, not merely as an enabler but also for its revolutionary force and possess a vision to use these resources most effectively. A leader of the future will be more like a community manager rather than an authoritarian.

We believe that a leadership imbued with balanced mix of universal characteristics and digital leadership traits shall have the potential to guide all businesses and society through years of transformation with optimism and idealism.