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The Design and Development programme at MADE, curated in collaboration with Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council (AASSC), is tailored to support the efforts to render India a global design powerhouse in Aerospace. Tailored to meet the skills and expertise needs of the 21st century technology-based economy and the Make in India initiative, the Programme is geared to provide industry-relevant training and placement opportunities.

In this regard, the Programme offers training for 9 job roles identified by AASSC as mentioned below:

  1. Designer Aerodynamics
  2. Designer Aerospace Avionics Systems
  3. Designer Aerospace Structures
  4. Designer Aerospace System Engineering
  5. Designer Aerospace Propulsion Systems
  6. Aerospace Design Assistant
  7. Design Engineer Aerospace Testing
  8. Aerospace Test Rig Designer
  9. Design Quality Assurance Reviewer

The course is conducted for the duration of 3 months with hands-on tools based practical training.

CATIA Combined Specialist Certification Programme



  • CATIA Mechanical Design Specialist (Qualification Based)
    From chalking out an idea in 3D at the click of a mouse to process-oriented tasks, you can benefit from all the CATIA modeller capabilities including direct 3D conceptual sketching out, geometrical surfaces handling, feature based design and history-free functional modelling.
  • CATIA Mechanical Surface Design Specialist (Qualification Based)
    CATIA cover the entire shape design, styling and surfacing workflow, from industrial design to Class A.
  • CATIA Course Completion Certificate (Attendance Based)

CATIA V5 Associate – Part Design (Qualification Based)

Part Modelling is the process of a creating a Virtual Solid Body of a single entity i.e. without any relative motion within the body. Any solid model created in CATIA is Feature based and Parametric. Solid model created in CATIA can be modified by simply changing the features and parameters.

Module 1: Basic Features of CATIA
Module 2: Basic Features of Part Modelling
Module 3: Sketch Based Features
Module 4: Dress-Up and Editing Features
Module 5: Advanced Part Modelling

CATIA V5 Associate – Assembly Design (Qualification Based)

Assembly Modelling is the process of creating a product which is a combination of parts may or may not have relative motion between them. After designing the parts in part design, we go for assembly design to combine different parts together to form an assembly where we can visualise the actual product.

Module 1: Basic Features of Assembly Modelling
Module 2: Advanced Assembly Modelling
Module 3: Drafting and Detailing

CATIA V5 Associate – Surface Design (Qualification Based)

Surface modelling is used to create complex shapes of zero or minimum thickness. First a wireframe of the complex body is created then using surfacing tool we define complex 3D shape to the surface geometry. Then we convert the surface geometry into solid body.

Module 1: Wireframe and Surface Design Workbench
Module 2: Editing and Modifying Surfaces

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