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Mission ‘Skill India’

MADE’s Aerospace Design Training and Recruitment programme, in association with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skills Council (AASSC), Government of India, has been developed to support the aerospace sector with ‘employable ’ recruits with the necessary theoretical, practical and professional skill sets for design and development job roles across aerospace domains. Candidates to the programme, are sourced from top-tier undergraduate and graduate aerospace and mechanical engineering programmes, and shortlisted based on academic performance. The curriculum is tailored to meet the specific skill expectations of the industry for 9 job roles identified by NSDC and AASSC.

Industry Job Roles

Phase I

  • Designer Aerospace Structures
  • Aerospace Design Assistant
  • Aerospace Test Rig Designer

Phase II

  • Designer Aerospace Avionics Systems
  • Designer Aerospace System Engineering
  • Designer Aerospace Propulsions Systems

Phase III

  • Designer Aerodynamics
  • Design Engineer Aerospace Testing
  • Design Quality Assurance Reviewer

Combined curriculum of job roles of Phase 1

The curriculum broadly covers the following topics:

  • Create and develop design documents
    Understanding of engineering drawings, Geometry creation and data management with 3D CAD
  • Create simple mechanical designs
    Types and Methodologies for mechanical designs, Geometrical dimensioning and tolerance, Preparation of Bill of Materials, Introduction to CATIA v5
  • Design of aerospace structural components/ assemblies/ subassemblies
    Understanding of design lifecycle, Creation of 3D model, sub-assemblies with CATIA v5, Manufacturing edge of parts (MEOP) and engineering edge of parts (EEOP), Loads and Free-body diagrams, Advanced solid mechanics, Analysis of joints, Design for Manufacturing
  • Analysis and testing of aerospace structural components /assemblies/ subassemblies
    Design activities related to stress and Fatigue and Damage Tolerance (F&DT), Finite element analysis, Loads and Free-body diagrams, Advanced solid mechanics, Analysis of joints, Impact Tests; Visible Impact Damage (VID), Barely Visible Impact Damage (BVID), Structural Analysis using Ansys
  • Designing test rigs for aerospace components / systems
    Procedures for test system design, Testing hydro-mechanical products, Electronics/ software based test rig control systems, Knowledge of Testing and Analysis using software
  • Perform testing and validation of aerospace components / mechanical systems
    Finite Element techniques for evaluating test system design, Root Cause Analysis, Formulation of basic test approaches
  • Professional Skills
    Maintain organisational safety and information security, Create documents for knowledge sharing, Work effectively in a team

Programme Duration : 576 hrs

Certifications in:


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