The Management Academy for Digital Economy in India (MADE) in INDIA) has been conceived against the background of rising global Digital Economy and India’s endeavour to leapfrog the developmental process. It is a New Generation thinking institution – an innovation-mediated knowledge enterprise – dedicated to prepare human assets – digitally driven entrepreneurs and Digital Leaders – for the promotion of digital economy. In order to provide perspective the Academy consists for five integrated Centres of Learning:

The Academy is the largest aggregator of Digital Economy education emerging as an undisputed leader promoting entrepreneurial opportunities for economic development.  Committed to working with both large corporations and startups to grow and enrich the entrepreneurial ecosystem the Academy believes that by engaging the business community to maximize our collective strengths, we can attract and grow new companies, foster economic development, and retain talent in India.

Management Academy for Digital Economy in India has been conceived in the context of rising global Digital Economy and India’s national endeavour to leapfrog this profound multifaceted transformation. The Academy is the largest aggregator of Digital Economy courses.  As a modern organization the Academy has been designed as a Thinking Institution, Innovation mediated and digitally driven entrepreneurial knowledge enterprise.

‘Digital India’ programme is aimed at accelerating the transformation of business landscape through the development and smart use of digital technologies in order to increase growth and create employment. A cornerstone of the Academy for Digital India is to develop highly innovative entrepreneurial human resources to support the creation of new business opportunities as well as help existing companies in their digital transformation.

With such perspective in mind the Management Academy for Digital Economy in India has been established as an integrated enterprise to provide holistic education and opportunity for young entrepreneurs to create new startup enterprises on the one hand and support existing businesses in their digital transformation.



Digital Economy is the future of the world. Rapidly advancing technologies are fundamentally transforming the way we work and live; radically changing the business landscape, reshaping the nature of work, the boundaries of enterprises and responsibilities of the business leaders. It is indeed a new paradigm of business. Hence, to succeed in the new environment, Digital leaders will now have twofold responsibilities of integrating existing businesses with rapidly changing technologies on the one hand and creatively innovating new types of business enterprises to achieve sustainable growth on the other.

Digital economy will be driven by two powerful forces: rapidly advancing technology infrastructure and the development of suitable human assets. The success of firms, nations and societies will depend on our ability to manage these powerful forces of change.

The Academy believes that the Digital Economy is the economy of ideas and entrepreneurship where the new businesses will co-evolve with an environment of ideas. Therefore, education at this Academy is intended to facilitate unbounded exploration of ideas. With the synergy of new technology, knowledge and management tools we have evolved state-of-the-art curriculum with a unique ecology of learning to train young entrepreneurs to create new businesses in the Digital Age.

MADE in INDIA Academy invites such high caliber students who aspire to operate in the complex business environment at global scale.


We live in a world that is increasingly defined by overarching technologies of intense interconnectivity. Management Academy for Digital Economy in India has been conceived against the background of rising digital revolution around the world.

India has taken a giant leap towards becoming a global knowledge hub of Digital Economy. It is well understood that the Digital Economy rests on two pillars of rapidly advancing technological change and corresponding human asset development. Digital Management Academy is dedicated to train entrepreneurial creative minds to generate wealth in the digital world. Innovative Action Learning process at the Academy rests on four pillars of
(i) High end professional programmes
(ii) Corporate transformational learning
(iii) Incubation and startup support system; and
(iv) Leveraging the power of research to provide innovative skills and tools of digital management.

We invite such motivated entrepreneurial young man and women who dream to make their mark in the world of business.