Convergence of multiple technologies-hyper-connectivity, supercomputing, cloud computing, cyber security, and smart products-are giving shape to a new business ecosystem known as the Digital Economy.  A new paradigm of ubiquitous computing is emerging with profound impact on all human activities. India has embarked on a thoroughly transformative ambitious mission to catapult Indian growth process into the global Digital Economy framework.

Digital technologies are one part; the real success in the new Digital Age will come only those nations and societies that equip their citizens with new skills. This innovative initiative to build an Academy for Digital Economy is a step towards fulfilling this vital need for our country.



The Digital Economy is advancing worldwide at a rapid pace. It is the single most important driver of innovation, competitiveness and growth. Digital Economy is people’s economy; it’s about giving power to the people. the success in the digital economy will come to those nations and societies that are able to develop human resources equipped with appropriate skills and knowledge to capture value from digital technologies. Therefore, education and learning will play a vital role in developing human resources to meet the challenges of the emerging complex environment. Education at the India Digital Academy has been designed to develop future managers with holistic perception through unity of thought, vision and action to operate in the rapidly unfolding digital ecosystem.


The Academy is dedicated to nurture creative minds with the entrepreneurial drive for application and extension of knowledge for the benefit of the society in the Digital Economy.


1. Prof. S L Rao
Former Director General NCAER, New Delhi.
Former, Chairman, Governing Council, ISEC, Bangalore
2. G K C Reddy  Vice Chairman
3. V. Umesh I A S (Retd)
Additional Chief Secretary, Govt of Karnataka
4. Ambassador B R Muthu Kumar I F S (Retd) Member
5. Ghanshyam Dass
Adviser, KPMG.
Jain Farms, – Board of Directors
JUBILANT FoodWorks Ltd, – Board of Directors
6. Dr. Arif Ahmed
South Asia Management Technologies Pvt Ltd
7. Veena Hingarh
South Asia Management Technologies Pvt Ltd
8. Dr. Anil Rawat Member Secretary

Standing Committee for Operations

  • G K C Reddy
    G K C Reddy President
  • Dr. Anil Rawat
    Dr. Anil Rawat Secretary
  • Vasanthalakshmi R
    Vasanthalakshmi R Principal
  • Shashank Rawat
    Shashank Rawat CEO